Medical Imaging and Diagnostic Center in Bakersfield, CA

We provide a walk-in clinic with quick and affordable X-ray and medical imaging services to offer an immediate diagnosis and treatment plan to get you back on your feet.

Medical Imaging and Diagnostic Center

When you have a suspected fracture and are in excruciating pain, you will want to receive medical attention right away and not have to wait for hours in an emergency room. So, if you're seeking urgent care with X-ray services near you in Bakersfield, CA, visit your closest StatMD Urgent Care.

All of our imaging procedures are performed on-site, and your X-rays are reviewed by board-certified radiologists to ensure that you have received the most accurate diagnosis and treatment plan possible. Our physicians at StatMD Urgent Care can also diagnose orthopedic injuries and help you determine your treatment options, whether you need a brace, cast, or surgery.

Medical Imaging

What Are the Different Types of Medical Imaging?

Our medical imaging center includes:

  • X-Ray: X-ray is used in diagnosing and treating conditions related to the skeletal system and some other hard tissues. It can also be used to diagnose other conditions like pneumonia and pleurisy.

  • Ultrasound: Also known as sonography, ultrasound uses sound waves to create images in instances where ionizing radiation may be dangerous and unwarranted. It is most commonly used in imaging during pregnancy.
  • Carotid Echocardiogram: It is used to test for constricted carotid arteries, which can lead to stroke. We use high-frequency sound waves to produce images of the insides of your neck's two major arteries.
X-Ray Diagnosis

Common Urgent Health Conditions That Need X-Ray Diagnosis

You may need to search for x-ray and medical imaging near you for conditions such as:

  • Lung infection or disorder
  • Sprains and dislocations of the joints.
  • School and sports injuries
  • Chest disorders, such as breathing difficulties, TB, pneumonia, and so on.
  • Bone fractures and infections
  • Minor workplace injuries.
  • Kidney stone
  • Obstacles in the intestines and other gastrointestinal problems.

However, if your health condition or injury is serious and life-threatening, we suggest you go to an emergency room (ER).

Expect from Occupational Medicine

What to Expect During an X-Ray Visit at Our Urgent Care Clinics

An X-ray is a quick and painless procedure that gives your doctor a picture of what's happening within your body, allowing them to better identify the injury or illness.

Before advising any medical imaging during your consultation, expect your doctor to evaluate whether you require an X-ray.

If you do need an X-ray, our physician or X-ray technician will make you wear protective gear for a few minutes when you are exposed to the equipment. Some scans may require you to wear a gown or remove your jewelry accessories.

Your X-ray will be completed in a few minutes once you have been appropriately positioned to obtain the finest image, and our doctor will review the results with you.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us?

With physicians having 18 years of experience and expertise in various fields, StatMD Urgent Care is dedicated to providing health care services that are accessible, affordable, and all-inclusive.

  • Patient-centric: We approach our practice in a collaborative manner and urge you to take an active role in your health care.
  • Prompt Service: We have among the shortest wait times for urgent care in Bakersfield. You will be seen in less than 15 minutes most of the time.
  • Large Parking Availability: We are one of the few urgent care service providers in Bakersfield that offer large parking spaces.
  • Open Every Day: Need immediate but non-emergency care? Unlike other urgent care centers, we're open 365 days a year, save on national holidays.

If you are looking for X-ray services near you in Bakersfield, visit us for the best walk-in medical imaging services for non-life-threatening medical conditions. We ensure accurate findings and the highest standard of diagnosis for our patients.

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