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Workers’ Compensation

If you’re a business owner, your employees are your biggest asset. At StatMD Urgent Care, we understand the importance of keeping your employees healthy, safe, and fit to work. That’s why we’ve designed a system to care for the work-related injuries of your staff members. StatMD Urgent Care is always available to help with on-job injury workers’ compensation, ensuring your team is well-cared for.

We offer a specialized range of facilities, including medical examinations specifically designed to help facilitate your workers’ compensation claims, including workmen injury compensation and workers’ comp after surgery. We collaborate with most major workers’ compensation insurance providers, have convenient business hours, and are easily accessible in California.

If you want to offer effective work-related illness and injury care to your team, StatMD is the ideal choice. Contact our team today to get more information on collaborating with us for your on-job injury workers’ compensation referrals.

Experienced Doctor

Why Do I Need a Doctor Experienced in Workers’ Compensation?

Getting the initial evaluation of your injury conducted by a qualified physician is an essential factor in your workers’ compensation case. Our board-certified physician at StatMD Urgent Care is well-experienced and highly proficient in the workers’ compensation process.

Our medical team ensures that you’ll get an accurate diagnosis combined with effective and quick treatment for your work-related injuries and illnesses. We efficiently use our screening and diagnostic facilities to diagnose your medical condition accurately and develop a personalized treatment plan tailored to your specific requirements.

Our advanced and precise care serves as the foundation for your recovery from work-related medical conditions. It is also essential to avail your workers’ compensation claim.

Happens During a Workers’ Compensation

What Happens During a Workers’ Compensation Evaluation?

During an on-job injury workers’ compensation evaluation, the physicians and healthcare team examine the severity of your injury or illness to determine the best treatment option. You might be referred to a specialist in case your injury needs advanced treatment by the workers' compensation injury care team.

While conducting your initial consultation, the doctors and medical team will determine whether you need to take time off from work to heal from your injuries or need to adhere to certain work restrictions. If you are unable to work due to your injury, your medical team can determine the appropriate timeline for you to return to work without aggravating the injury.

Follow-Up Care

What Can I Expect in Follow-Up Care of a Work-Related Injury?

Even if you’ve been referred to a specialist for your work-related injury, the StatMD Urgent Care medical team can conduct a follow-up assessment of your health for your workers’ compensation claim. We can help determine when you have healed and regained your working ability to the maximum extent possible and help determine your disability level, if any.

Our healthcare team also maintains comprehensive medical records that you might need as proof in your workers’ compensation case. These records provide official documentation of your initial injury, the complete treatment plan, and the professional medical estimation of your capacity to resume your job duties.

Finding a Doctor for Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

Finding a Doctor for Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

Not all doctors can treat or are qualified to tackle work-related injuries. Therefore, you need a physician who is aware of the specific nature of your appointment and qualified to handle it. In the state of California, injured employees should be attended to by a doctor chosen by the employer.

This helps eliminate the possibility of the work-related injury being attended to by an unqualified healthcare provider. Doctors treating workers’ compensation cases need to fill out specific documentation which details the specifics of your condition, including whether any time off work is needed, any job duty modifications necessary, and determining whether the injury is long-term or not.

With StatMD as your workmen injury compensation care provider, we can efficiently care for your employees, ensuring they receive effective, quick, and compassionate care for their work-related injuries. We also ensure that any claims they make are filed properly.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us?

  • Our physicians are licensed and well experienced for treating work-related injuries
  • We're among the the leading workers' injury urgent care practices in Bakersfield, CA
  • Prompt, accurate, and highly efficient service
  • Open on weekdays and weekends with longer, convenient business hours
  • We have a large parking lot and highly accommodative parking spaces
  • Minimal wait times
  • Our work-injury care team can treat patients of all ages and professions

If you need a healthcare partner to offer efficient, prompt, and compassionate care to your team experiencing work-related injuries and illnesses, StatMD is the perfect choice. We offer the leading workers’ injury compensation care in Bakersfield, CA. Contact our team to know more about our workers' injury care services.

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