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In-house comprehensive laboratory testing

In-house comprehensive laboratory testing and screening services offer a convenient means to obtain your required test results as quickly as possible. Laboratory services at walk-in clinics generate great benefits for patients and practitioners. Stat MD urgent care is committed to providing you the top-notch service by keeping your convenience in mind. We understand that minor emergencies don't wait for a suitable time to visit your doctor. Our certified and well-trained doctors will accommodate patients that require medical assistance immediately. Also, no appointment is necessary; you can walk into our practice today to experience our leading testing facility!

Types of Lab Tests in Urgent Care

Types of Lab Tests in Urgent Care

Our well-equipped, trained experts provide onsite lab tests which are convenient and time-saving. Our comprehensive lab tests include almost all kinds of testing.

We understand how frustrating it becomes when doctors ask you to perform specific tests elsewhere, as many clinics or hospitals don’t have an in-house testing facility. It makes the process lengthy, which results in delaying the treatment. To avoid such cases, you can opt for Stat MD urgent care.

Check out a few of the lab test lists carried out by our urgent care lab testing facility:

  • Covid-19 Testing: We detect specific antigens from the SARS-CoV-2 virus in individuals suspected of COVID-19 by using a nose or throat swab.
  • Influenza A and B (flu): If you suspect you have the flu, it’s essential that you meet our healthcare provider soon since flu medications work best when treated early.
  • STD Tests: If you are at risk of potentially having a sexually transmitted disease (STD), early testing is vital to diagnose and begin treatment.
  • Pregnancy Tests: Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) hormone in urine samples plays a vital role as its presence denotes pregnancy.
  • Strep A (Strep Throat Diagnosis): At StatMD Urgent Care, a sample will be collected by swabbing the back of your throat with a long cotton swab. The collected sample will be tested to determine whether a strep infection or any other bacteria is accountable for sore throat.
  • Blood Glucose Test: It is performed to determine your blood sugar or glucose level. It helps in diagnosing diabetes.

Radiology Services:

If you have been prescribed X-rays or CT scans, do not waste time scheduling tests weeks in advance. Use our walk-in urgent care center. Radiology services comprise:

  • X-rays:  X-rays diagnose and monitor certain medical conditions, enabling our doctors to treat them more accurately.
  • CT Scan: A CT scan is generally performed to diagnose bone and muscle disorders, including fractures and bone tumors.
Benefits of In-House Lab Testing

What Are the Benefits of In-House Lab Testing?

There are several benefits of in-house lab testing, which include:

  • Convenience: You can get immediate reports without any hassle of moving from one place to another, allowing the doctor to start the treatment rapidly. You don't need to look for urgent care lab testing or search terms like 'urgent care with a lab near me' on the web to get your testing done.
  • Efficiency: The tests are done within the hospital's premises, which signifies that the results are more accurate and efficient. In addition, doctors can perform unlimited tests at no additional cost and formalities.
  • Affordability: There's a chance you can save a few bucks as the process is more accessible and less complicated for in-house laboratories. Urgent care centers will be significantly less expensive than other available options, which signifies their affordability.
Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us?

At Stat MD Urgent Care, we provide:

  • Leading lab testing service facility
  • Immediate response
  • Little to no wait times
  • Open on holidays
  • Same-day blood testing
  • Broader parking area

Since 2004 Dr. Singh (our founder and chief physician) has been serving the community of Bakersfield. Our team delivers on time and consistently works towards making our urgent care facility a pleasant experience for you and your family. Our Urgent Care Center allows patients to receive quality healthcare when they most need it in a convenient location with the utmost compassion.

 Walk into StatMD Urgent Care anytime to avail of our leading testing facilities the same day! Contact our medical experts to learn more about our various testing services.

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