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If you drive commercial motor vehicles or trucks in the U.S., you will need a current CDL (commercial driving license) certification, which you can obtain by clearing a DOT (department of transportation) physical exam. A DOT physical exam ensures that you are medically qualified to handle the physical demands, emotional stress, and intense schedule of driving a commercial vehicle.

At StatMD Urgent Care, we offer DOT physicals to commercial drivers throughout Bakersfield, CA. As a leading provider of DOT physicals, we maintain current and comprehensive knowledge of DOT regulations in California. We have a streamlined process that helps drivers quickly finish the exam while ensuring it is conducted legitimately and as per the directions of FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) and DOT.

With cost-effective rates and no appointment needed, getting your DOT physicals has never been easier. Call us at (661) 464-5000 to learn more about DOT physicals in Bakersfield, CA.

DOT Physical

Who Needs a DOT Physical?

A DOT physical is required to ensure that professional drivers have good physical and mental health to safely operate commercial vehicles.

It is necessary for interstate drivers who:

  • Transport 9-15 passengers, including the driver, for compensation
  • Operate a commercial vehicle with a gross weight rating of 10,000 pounds or more
  • Are paid to drive a vehicle designed to carry more than 8 passengers
  • Transport hazardous materials requiring a hazmat placard

Intrastate drivers may also need a DOT physical, depending on their state regulations.

DOT Physical Examination

What Should You Expect During a DOT Physical Examination?

A DOT physical exam includes assessing your:

Medical History

The driver must submit their extensive medical history stating their past surgeries, medications taken, and existing or previous health conditions.


Standard vision requirements for DOT physicals are:

  • 20/40 sharp-sightedness in each eye with contact/corrective lenses
  • At least 70" peripheral in the horizontal meridian, measured in each eye


Drivers are required to hear a forced whisper within a distance of five feet or less with or without a hearing aid. An audiometry test can also be conducted to evaluate the driver’s ability to hear sounds at various frequencies.


A vitals test involves assessing your blood pressure, pulse, height, weight, and heart rate.


It determines whether you have diabetes, dehydration, or any problem in your kidney, including an infection.


A physical examination is required to assess your:

  • Overall health and take note of any medical conditions
  • Organs, including lungs, throat, ears, skin, mouth, abdomen, musculoskeletal systems, neurological system, etc.

Things to Know Before Your Visit

DOT physicals at StatMD Urgent Care will take 45 minutes or more depending on your specific health requirements, so be prepared accordingly.

Also, bring the following:

  • Your driver's license
  • A list of current medications, including their dosage and timing
  • Medical records containing details about your past medical conditions and surgeries
  • Any hearing aids, contact lenses, or glasses that you use
  • A letter from your doctor if your arm or leg is disabled or you are taking blood thinners
  • A recent record of your blood sugar readings if you have diabetes
  • A letter from your neurologist if you have had a stroke, seizure, brain tumor, or bleeding in the brain
  • A record showing proper use of CPAP machine for at least 90 days if you have sleep apnea
  • A letter from your cardiologist if you have heart problems
Get a DOT Physical Near You

Get a DOT Physical Near You

At StatMD Urgent Care, we are committed to helping you obtain your CDL certification quickly in Bakersfield, CA. We have certified and registered DOT medical examiners who conduct the exam by strictly adhering to the FMCSA’s guidelines for safe operation of commercial motor vehicles. We will guide you throughout the exam with our extensive knowledge to help you clear it with ease.

Whether you want to obtain a new CDL certification or renew the existing one, contact us today at StatMD Urgent Care to schedule an appointment.

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