Tips to Prepare For Physical Exams

Sep 07, 2022

Physical Exam

Tips to Prepare For Physical Exams

Physical examinations are quite common among people who visit a doctor or a clinic on a monthly or yearly basis. According to research, it is estimated that the number of physical exams and primary care visits in the United States will increase to 565 million by the year 2025.  

Physical exams are periodical examinations conducted to assess your body's overall health. However, you may be required to take a physical examination due to other reasons, like when you apply for a life insurance policy or a new job. 

A physical examination typically takes 30-40 minutes to perform. The time frame may increase if some abnormalities are detected in your body by the doctor, and you need further diagnosis. 

You should also know that you are not required to be ill to make an appointment for a physical examination. At times, you don't even have to make an appointment, and there are urgent care centers that do walk-in physicals as well.

Apart from assessing your body's overall health, here are a few other reasons why a physical examination is important:

  • It gives you a chance to detect diseases that can be treated as early as possible 
  • Assess symptoms to determine if they will become a cause for concern in the near future
  • Helps recognize whether there are any vaccinations needed 
  • Helps maintain a proper diet and exercise routine for a quality life
  • Helps build a positive relationship with the doctor 

Getting a regular physical check-up will help you live a long and healthy life. After your physical test, your doctor will suggest various ways to take care of yourself and improve your quality of life, depending on your test results.

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How To Prepare For Sports Physicals

In this section, you will learn about how to prepare for a sports physical exam. It's slightly different from your regular physical exam as it revolves around the physical health of those involved in athletic sports and activities. 

Sports physicals can help identify players who are at a high risk of illness, injury, or cardiac arrest when they are playing the game.

Follow these 8 Tips to effectively prepare for a sports physical exam:

1. Healthy diet

Always maintain a diet that contains nutritious foods. Not only do healthy foods provide energy for sports, but they also protect you from diseases. Ask your doctor whether it’s ok to eat before your sports physical exam.

2. Prepare a list of any previous injuries you may have sustained

It will be quite beneficial for you if you make a list that contains all the injuries you have had up-to-date before you go for a physical exam. This will help the doctor to understand your body’s condition better, and they can come up with proper medications or therapies if needed.

3. Make a list of medical/surgical history

Create a list that contains all your medical and surgical history before the test. This will help your doctor to diagnose your body properly for any medical complications that may arise. 

4. Take note of all your supplements or medication

Make sure that you have listed all the supplements or medications you are taking. This will help your doctor know about your underlying conditions for which you take those medications.

5. List out any questions you may want to ask your doctor 

Prepare a list of questions regarding your health for your doctor during the physical test. Ask these questions to the doctors and receive satisfying answers to them. For example, you can ask about your blood pressure, how eating some foods affect your health, what exercises can be done, etc.

6. Dress in comfortable clothes

Always wear comfortable clothes when you are going to take the physical exam. You may be required to do simple physical tasks like bending down or stretching that will be easier to perform in comfortable clothing.

7. History of illness in your family

Create a list that mentions all the illnesses and conditions of your family members. This will help your doctor find out if you are at risk of contracting any disease in the future.

8. Weight gain or weight loss 

This is a very important thing that you should keep in mind. Note down the history of your weight gain or weight loss. This will help your doctor to understand when or how your body weight was affected and if there are some complications regarding it. 

These are a few essential things you must remember when going for a sports physical exam.

How is a Physical Examination Conducted?

To perform a physical exam, your doctor or your healthcare provider at your urgent care physical center will start by questioning you about your overall health and medical history. This will include all your past illnesses, surgeries, or symptoms (if any). Apart from that, you may also be questioned about your lifestyle too (diet, sleep, etc.). They will then take your height and weight measurements and check your pulse and blood pressure. 

Your doctor will further examine your body and look out for the following signs/symptoms:

  • Unusual growth or marks in different parts of the body
  • Examining your body (texture, consistency, growth, and many more) to make sure there isn't anything unusual
  • The unusual rhythm of the heartbeat 
  • Fluid in unwanted places  

After this, you're pretty much done. Your doctor or healthcare provider will contact you to provide you with the results, and they will then point out any problem or inconsistency they may find and advise you further on the same.

Depending on this, you may have to get further tests done or other types of screenings done. 

If there are no particular problems that may be a cause for concern, then you have nothing to worry about, but make sure you get this test done regularly, preferably on a yearly basis. 

Final Thoughts

Getting a regular physical examination is quite important. It can potentially help you avoid a lot of problems regarding your health by helping you deal with them early on. 

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1. What Do I Wear to a Physical Exam?

  • When you're heading out for your regular physical exam, make sure you wear comfortable and loose clothes. This will also allow the doctor to conduct the physical test easily. Wearing tight clothes may hinder the doctor, as they need to reach under your top to check your lungs. 

2. Is a Sports Physical Same as a Regular Physical?

  • No. It's not exactly the same. A sports physical is related to physical wellness and inspection related to the sport the individual plays. On the other hand, a regular physical is much more, and it is much more thorough and detailed; every aspect of your health is evaluated in the latter. 
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