What Is Occupational Medicine and How Can It Really Help You?

Aug 08, 2022

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Occupational Medicine is a board-certified medical discipline under preventive and clinical medicine that emphasizes the recognition, evaluation, control, management, and rehabilitation of health risks for both individuals and groups with respect to their working environments.

The study of occupational medicine is based on the notion that workplace safety and worker well-being are impacted by a complex interaction of factors. The scope of the specialty varies as the connections and norms of society, government, labor unions, employers, and employees evolve. With 2.8% of workers still susceptible to injuries, occupational medicine also ensures that companies and corporations comply with laws regarding workplace safety.

The physicians specializing in occupational medicine must have the latest knowledge about the federal and state regulations for the overall health and safety of the workforce in a country as they not only serve as clinicians but also as an advisor to employers and employees on the work-health relationship.

As occupational medicine plays such an important role in work culture, it’s important to know about its benefits and governing regulations in detail.

The Benefits of Occupational Medicine

  • Occupational medicine plays an important role when it comes to reducing the incidence of premature death due to unfortunate incidents and minimizing the chances of disability. With occupational medicine and safety training, the risk of accidents and injuries is significantly reduced.
  • Occupational medicine doctors are highly trained individuals who can easily identify and assess risks that can negatively impact an employee’s work productivity and provide the right treatment and care. With this, you can maintain a greater level of productivity while keeping the costs low among the workforce.
  • With occupational medicine, you can reduce the cost of absenteeism by a significant margin. This is due to the role of occupational medicine in avoiding illnesses or injuries, which can make an employee stay at home. This helps reduce the amount of time they spend away from work.
  • You can receive high-quality medical outcomes as patient treatment in occupational medicine focuses on early intervention with proper treatment or therapy that helps avoid unnecessary medical conditions.
  • The employees will receive pre-employment health testing to determine if they are fit to work or not.

Why Choose StatMD Urgent Care?

At StatMD Urgent Care, our specialized physicians collaborate with all our workforce clients to make sure they receive nothing but the best always when it comes to any emergency health concerns. When you sign up with us as a concerned employer for your employees, we will schedule tours of our medical facilities for you so that you can identify the workplace conditions that might need immediate treatment plans. Our occupational medicine doctors will also visit your organization to understand the workplace environment for any medical concerns that might impact the treatment of the employees.

Patient Experience Matters!

When a patient goes back to work after recovery, it is a relief for them, you, and us too. We work closely with our patients to understand their experiences and work on the feedback received. We understand that patient experience can often be an important factor in reviews of our services. Hence we track the approval ratings from each patient so that they go back to work fully satisfied with the treatment that we provide them.

How Can You Keep Track of the Patient's Recovery with Our Service?

We understand that reporting and transparent communications are two important factors for any occupational medicine program. At StatMD Urgent Care, we ensure that the treatment status of each patient is communicated to you and other related personnel who require the information for the proper running of your business. These may include the one paying the funds, the employees needing treatment, or any other legal bodies.

Our Services Offer the Best Occupational Health Solution for Your Business

We have a team of specialists with several years of experience treating all kinds of health conditions regardless of their severity. It is always wise to be ready to face any adversity when it comes to workplace injuries. There is no harm in being ready so that lives can be saved and business does not get hampered.

Any work-related injuries can often be rather expensive for any business. While the direct wound costs are measurable and can be handled efficiently, the indirect costs like the loss of productivity, re-training of the employees, workplace disruption, and associated costs can often be on the more expensive side. If you have a team of talented occupational medicine doctors in your company, all the work-related ailments and injuries can be easily taken care of.

StatMD Can Help with Your Urgent Occupational Health Needs

Are you searching for occupational medicine urgent care near you in Bakersfield, CA? If yes, contact us here at StatMD Urgent Care immediately to receive treatment or simply give us a call to learn more about our urgent care services. We are happy to help you solve any queries you might have.

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